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The purpose to install those buoys on the reservoir is to prevent any unauthorized boat and foreign objects such as logs enter into the designed restricted areas. The size of buoy for this project is 1.0m length x 0.6m diameter. Total of 100 unit of buoys have been installed at Power Intake and Main Dam. A 20mm diameter insulated stainless steel cable is used to put all buoys together in a line and both end of line are secured to the concrete blocks. The buoys are designed to be self elevated according to the reservoir water level. The buoy material is make by HDPE and the inside chamber is filled with high density form. The line is highly flexible and can withstand of high load impact. Bright red and orange color are available. The buoy is make by two half round segment and bolt it together by 6 pieces of M8 galvanized screw for easy replace in case of any heavy damage on the buoy shell. The whole line maintain to be secure while replacing any damage buoy at any location.

Murum Hydroelectric Project

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