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The Murum Hydroelectric Project is located at approximately 80 km upstream of Belaga town of the kapit Division and 200 km from Bintulu. The dam is located on the Murum River at the head Waters of the lake impounded by Bakun Dam. The Murum Hydroelectric Power Station is design to produce maximum power output of 944 MW with an average annual energy 5,952 GWh.

The purpose of building of these floating platform is to easy the engineers to ride into the boat and conduct monthly inspection on the infrastructure such as main dam. This platform is design to be self elevated according to the reservoir water level. The gangway is make by 100% aluminum and the dimension is 1.5 x 5.5 m. The size of the floating platform is designed according to client's requirements. The material of floating cube is make by HDPE which can withstand UV light and anti-corrosion. Life span of the HDPE cube can be up to 15 years

Murum Hydroelectric Project

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